Connecting hearts to your digital world.

Strikecast unlocks the door to new levels of gaming sound spheres.

Digitally native. Naturally analogue.
We seamlessly slide between these two production worlds to bring yours to life.

We create unique and exciting sounds that make people feel connected and bound to the stories they play. The chords set the scene, the melody leads the way.
Everyone wants to feel that they are a part of something and belong. It’s this emotion music creates that allows the gamer to truly engage with your storyline.

It’s time to level up.


Strikecast Sound Design Reel 

The latest sound design demonstration from the minds at Strikecast. New games and new sounds to lead the way into the future of game audio. Every piece of audio arranged and produced by the team at Strikecast.

Sky Teaser Trailer

Our version of the “Sky” teaser trailer sound and music design aims to elevate you to the next level with a sweeping orchestral accompaniment to waft you into the clouds.

Hyperlight Drifter

Our twist on the unique sound palette presented throughout the stunning Hyperlight Drifter.

Ori & the Will of the Whisps (Rescore)

A stunning sound for what will be a stunning game. Captivating visuals elevated by an enlightening soundtrack.

Infomercial – Genentech Roche Investment

One of several specific scores in the Indie Classical genre created by Strikecast for our commercial business clients.

Strikecast Sounds

A selection of our original compositions from games, trailers, and more.

Please note: Some audio files may be large. Non-wifi connected mobile playback is not advised.


Games – Virtual Reality – Video


Sound Design

From UI effects, earth-shattering explosions or monsters that go thump in the night. We make the sounds that give your game life. Leave it up to us to define your sounds or work with our team to make your sonic dreams a reality.


Original Music

From all genres of music, we’re sure to have the score for your project. We achieve this with our collection of live instruments, outboard audio hardware, and all our endless possibilities “in the box.” We love what we do and we think you will too!


Contract & Audio Direction

Need help to structure and maintain your audio workflow from conception to delivery? We work alongside you and your team to create the best possible audio experience for your game in a streamlined and efficient fashion.



We have a skilled crew working with integration tools such as FMOD, WWise, Unity, Unreal, and more. This is arguably the most important element of game audio.


Sonic Branding

Looking to give your company that instantly recognisable sound like the THX Deep Note? Our experience writing themes and motifs along with our unique sonic pallet will ensure your brand resounds above the crowd.


We are a team of highly creative sound designers and composers who live and breathe everything audio. Founded by two friends working together in the audio industry, our love of video games brought us together with a vision for a cutting edge and uniquely identifiable sound.

Each member of our team has a special talent in something extraordinary. This brings a diverse skill set to the table as we believe collaboration is the cornerstone of the quality of our work and has led us to achieve things not possible individually.

The ultimate result is that we are able to deliver products of exceptional quality whilst first and foremost satisfying all of our client’s needs.

Thomas Dimitri

I fell in love with music before I understood that I could be a part of making it.

In part, this is thanks to my obsession with watching Tom and Jerry on VHS as a child, hearing all the beautiful classical pieces that made the cartoons even more enjoyable. I was inspired to play piano, then I picked up the trumpet and eventually turned my first amplifier all the way up to 10! Today, I have worked in all areas of the sonic landscape. My work has eventually shifted towards the electronic realm where I try to amalgamate the sonic nature of found samples, old recordings and foley with modern electronic music production skills and traditional composition values. My love of creating modern and new sounds eventually led to me performing my music all around the world. Having worked on independent production, scoring, mixing and mastering projects, I have been a close collaborator with art-houses, film production studios, recording studios, and fellow artists. Having experienced firsthand what it feels like to be moved by a game’s story exceeds that, of say, film or literature. I know it’s a personal thing but most gamers would agree with this as you are able to live the experience a little more. It’s these kinds of games that have moved me as such and it’s also these games that have my favorite soundtracks. They say creativity knows no bounds but something always brings me back to audio.

Seth Francis

For as long as I can remember music has ruled my life.

As a child, I fell in love with the sweeping soundscapes and beautiful sounds in movies and video games. I found a passion for 70s rock and roll and this drove me to start playing drums at a very young age. The piano came not long after. I’ve played in half a dozen bands, ranging from rock and roll to competitive jazz bands and everything in between. In my teen years I fell in love with electronic music and the wide varieties of sounds and styles it offers. More recently I’ve headlined many live shows and performed DJ sets throughout the west coast of America. Then I found my real passion working long hours composing and making crazy sounds in the studio as I began to explore audio production and game audio techniques. Since then I’ve composed and designed for countless projects and continue to pursue my love for the craft. I further honed my skills in audio production through acclaimed academies and programs (such as UCSC Advanced Electronic Music Program, Icon Collective, and Indigital Studios, based in Santa Cruz). This has focused my skill set in music composition, sound design, recording, mixing, and mastering studio production across all platforms. As I said, music rules my world and gaming brings us all together. I can’t imagine doing anything else.